Speciality Weekends

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No weekend is complete without a theme party! “97 GOLD” keeps your weekends lively and different. Listen each week for the “97 GOLD” theme weekend…then call your friends for a fun get together for more…Good Times and CLASSIC HITS!

We’ve listed some of the weekends planned all year long. Call a few friends, dig out those bellbottom jeans and tie dyed shirts and get ready to party!

All theme weekends are sponsorable by our clients. If your business isn’t involved in sponsorships, consider sponsorships to reach your best customers. You’ll create goodwill with strong branding, and when your customers hear how you’re involved with the music features they love your business makes a big connection with them when they want to buy in the future.


Dance Through The Decades New Year’s Celebration The best dance and party music beginning at 6 PM ET on New Year’s Eve, up to 4 AM ET on New Year’s Day.

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2016 weekends coming soon!