Rockers: They're just like us! Rod Stewart travels to London gig by Tube

Doug SondersSir Rod Stewart could have arrived at his gig at London’s O2 arena on Monday night by Ferrari, stretch limo or even horse-drawn carriage, but he decided to be a regular bloke and take the Tube…or the subway, as we call it in the U.S.

His wife, Penny Lancaster, documented their journey from their country house into London via commuter rail on Instagram, and then posted a photo of Rod riding the Tube to the gig. The singer attempted to disguise himself by wearing a coat with his hood up and sunglasses, but since it was a rainy day, that may have been a tip-off.

One fan commenting on the pic noted that the 72-year-old rock legend was standing on the subway, and not sitting down. “You’d think someone would have given the old boy a seat after all his hard [work],” the fan cracked.  Another fan commented that nobody would notice them because “everyone is looking down at their phone.”

Monday night’s show was the final stop on Rod’s 2016 tour.  It had been rescheduled from November after he was forced to cancel due to a throat infection. Rod starts a new run of shows at Caesars Palace on March 15 as part of his ongoing Las Vegas residency.

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