Judith Light explains how “Transparent” is still changing people’s attitudes four seasons in

Getty Images/Greg Doherty(LOS ANGELES) — Transparent was a groundbreaking show when it first debuted on Amazon Prime. Now, four seasons in, star Judith Light says she’s still seeing the show’s positive effects.

“I watch people’s attitude towards the trans community change and I see that they understand and realize something about this community that is so courageous and so authentic,” she tells AB Radio.

Light plays Shelly Pfefferman, the ex-wife of a trans woman named Maura, played by Jeffrey Tambor. Light says she just recently had a teacher come up to her to tell her what an important educational tool the show has been.

“She said, ‘Not only are you helping our young people, but this show is also helping to educate the parents,’” Light recalls. “So it’s a win all the way around.”

This season we find out more revelations about Shelly’s past as she moves in with her son Josh, played by Jay Duplass.

“We see her moving into this showbiz life, something that she had pushed down so many years before,” Light says. “But she does it in a very awkward, only-as-Shelly-could way.”

The show has already been renewed for a fifth season, but it could live on in other ways too. Back in June, Transparent writer Faith Soloway — the sister of showrunner Jill Soloway — debuted a series of songs for a potential Transparent musical at Joe’s Pub in New York.

So is Transparent: The Musical in our future? Light says that while Soloway’s songs were “fantastic,” plans for a musical are still “up in the air.”  

For now, you can catch Transparent season four on Amazon Prime.

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